Meet for casual sex

When it’s time to meet for casual sex, unless you’re a seasoned professional you are likely to need a few pointers about what to do and what not to do. This isn’t just like meeting a blind date or even someone you’ve seen for a regular date, both of you know that there is casual sex on the menu.

How to behave

When you meet for casual sex you must try to remember a few things:

•  Try to be yourself. Although you may think this doesn’t make you the most sexy person in the world, remember that the person you are meeting is aware why you’re both meeting and being yourself is as sure a way than any to make them comfortable around you.

•  Don’t ignore the sex part. You both know why you’re together, when you meet for casual sex you don’t expect to have to do anything else do you? Many people will perhaps have partners already and they’re just meeting you in secret to have sex. If you act as though you’re on a date you might scare away your sex date simply because they want to get straight down to it. Strike a good balance here and remember not to worry about it; you both know that you’re going to have sex – get on with it!

•  Practice safe sex. If you meet for casual sex remember that it is indeed casual sex and that your partner will more than likely have done this before. This is a good reason to use a condom in order to prevent the transmission of any sexually transmitted diseases; this would be a terrible end to an otherwise fantastic casual sex encounter.

•  Make sure you are clean. There can be nothing worse than getting to a hotel room or wherever you have chosen to meet for casual sex, only to discover that your partner hasn’t bothered with a shower before they came out, or that they haven’t shaved or trimmed the parts that matter. If it matters to you then remember that it more than likely matters to them. Casual sex shouldn’t be about putting up with anyone’s bad hygiene, it’s about having great, uncomplicated sex with someone.

•  Discuss what goes before the sex. Make sure you know what to expect from your sex partner and what they expect from you. There are many different ways to have sex and not all of them will be received well by your partner. For example, if you like anal sex, make sure you discuss this with your partner. When you meet for casual sex you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it, you’re going to do it aren’t you?

These are just a few ideas to get you going before you meet for casual sex. Try to concentrate on having fun on your date, but above all else, be safe and keep well protected. Never meet a stranger in a remote place, it’s always best to meet in public and then move on from there if you’re totally happy with the way things are going.