Emma, Born 1982, From Derby

Ok so, i`v been told i`m funny (funny haha not funny strange) i`v been told i`m cute, i have no idea why, i was under the impression cute ment small but I`m 5`8 and thats not small.

I love films music and books i read a lot, (again so i`m told) my book case is double stacked and i`v got 3 shelves of a wardrobe full os 🙂

I love my dog she is my best friend she sleeps in a basket at the foot of my bed and she snores my ex swore the snoring was down to me but i wouldn`t believe a word he says coz he tells porkies.

I love food i use to love cooking but have decided take out is more fun, i think its because each bit is wrapped up individually just like presents and everyone likes presents 🙂

I love shopping i know i, know its such a girl thing to say. Sorry guys.

I really like bbq`s in the summer its a combination of my 2 fave things food and friends, well except for when my mum invites a new bf over and then its just weird! For those bbq`s i usually develop an interest in making sure the sausages are rotated every 30seconds for even cooking.

I grew up in derby and i love living hear.

I like the smell of marzipan the best, i don`t like the taste of ginger, i have a phobia of jelly and also feet. I`ve also been known to be rather random, which i think is a good quality keeps ppl on there toes 🙂

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