Vicky, Born 1981, From Walsall, Midlands

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Hi to everyone, my name’s Vicki. Looks can be deceiving. I’m naughty but nice. And I know what I want.. I’m looking  for a person to spend time with. Someone who has there own life and ambition’s. Someone who understands my ambitions..

I get passionate about a lot of things, sometimes I start shouting at the news if something annoys me enough.. I don’t know weather they love me for it, but my friends say, I have a sick sense of humor, I love films, no chick flick’s thanks and I’m always first up on the dance floor.. I love a man in uniform, obviously. I’m happiest when I’m with my brother’s, but they’ve all got married now. Put me in a fast car or on a Bike, I’m smiling.. If I only had 1 day left I would want to be around people I love, and would want to do something that normally I would be to scared to do..

I love watching film’s, I used to go horse riding, and would love to take it up again. I love doing spontanious things, I hate the same routine.. Depends on my mood. Going out dancing and drinking with friends, or a film, some food and wherever the night takes me if Im with a guy….. A favourite day out would include a fast car or bike, a picnic and naughty ……. I feel comfortable when I’m with people I know and Love, I’m a confident person, so it takes a lot to put me in an uncomfortable one..

I’m looking for someone to be there, someone I can share the good times with, especially someone who’s honest with me..

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