Claire, Born 1981, From Srapleford, Nottinghamshire

hi im claire and im looking for fun and friendly people to chat to. im fun loving and honest but i dont like sleazy people at all. im looking for fun happy people to chat to.

people think im honest fun chatty and what you see is what you get. im passionate about books im not a nerd at all but if i had to choose tv or reading i would choose books. if i had only one day left on the planet i would make it a day for me and my girls never to forget. lots of things make me happy and smile but mainly its my two baby girls they are my world..

i enjoy going out clubbing evenings in with a bottle of wine and a movie. a good night out would be a nice meal going to a few pubs then go clubbing then go home to finish the party. for a fun day out  i love things like alton towers theme parks and things like that.

just for mates at the minute someone to chat

Loren, Born 1990, From Cliftoon, Nottinghamshire

hi guys loren 19 young blonde and single, dancer and a cheerleader wanna no more…? xx. yeh like i sed im sexxi blonde a good laugh easy going fun and easy to get along with :). just looking for a nice hot guy to have afew laughs with and maybe more ;).Â

im funny confident outgoing good listener and a amazing friend. i love my friends and having fun, going clubbing ect. i also love dancing cheerleading and photography,, i love my music too. im passionate about daance cheerleading and my beliefs. on my last day i would see all my friends and family, listen to all the songs that have changed my life and get wasted and cheer and dance.Â

cheerleading and dance <3. erm i enjoy going to see a show or something good like tht with a few loved ones then going out partying xD. cheering dancing friends laughs fun. .Â

a good decent relationship wiv a fitty of a man whus not a twat, maybe something tht will last a while?.Â

Melanie, Born 1987, From Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Hi im Mel and Im just looking to make new friends and see where life takes me..

I think my best features are my eyes, friendly and laid back personality and my approach of living life as though everyday is my last!. If I had only one day left, I’d go parachuting.

I love socialising and meeting new people, I also think any day, could be a great day out as long as it’s spent with the right company….

If you think that could be you, why not me??

Becky, Born 1986, From Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

if i only had one day left i would make sure that everyone that i ever cared about would no how much i really love/like them and i would talk about my life witch has been a alright life to leed. beckie comes from UK > England, Nottinghamshire : am crazy not that much tho lol as my boyfriends would say am a kinda person who anyone would love!!Im krazzzy!’m young & fashionable and have a bubbly personality with rather a dirty laugh lol Get in touch if you like the idea of having your ear chewed off…not in a sexual way of course…oh dear, the more i type, the worse i sound! lol Don’t like …. rainy days or Mondays, bad hair days or spots (on me or other people lol) … Emmerdale, d

Meme, Born 1984, From Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

My ideal relationship consists of utter romance.

What I love most about myself is my ability to be a really good person. I`m faithful, trustworthy and very honest with myself and others.

I can whip up a culinary storm in the kitchen in no time at all, and enjoy putting together new dishes and experimenting with varied ingredients.

I absolutely love children and would be over the moon to be in a relationship with someone that has offspring.

My perfect partner would be a person that takes things in their stride, is stress-free and likes to balance their home life with their work life.

When it comes to television, I can take it or leave it. There are a few programmes I like to watch but I`m not too fussed if I miss them or am out of the house.

i have two amazing children who are my world

Jade, Born 1980, From Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Are you Mr Right ???. jade comes from uk england nottinghamshire : alrightis these pictures of me totally suck ? just kidding… how do i even start to describe myse.ill make this short and sweet. im very driven and i work really hard for what i have. i am hoping to have a good job and carmy own home bcos i have all my degree with me i need to get my sea better job. i may not be the most gorgeous woman to you but my inside is just bursting with good things to share in a relationship. im confident enough to know what i deserve but humble enough to accept rejection. im wise beyond my years but who doesnt like dancing in the rain or naked in the privacy of their own home? i know what i want and im dead-set against settlingso im not in a hurry for anything however i would like to meet you asap after chatting it up because youll never know if sparks will fly on all levels until youre face to face and thats what i want .sparks.i dont care how far away you are although i would like to keep it in these earth. obviously i havent found love in now so whos to say mr.right isnt in some other planet?