looking for a regular guy for no strings sex

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our new advert! I best start off by introducing myself and my partner so here goes. My name is Kay Im a 40 year old  Bi-female and partner Rob is 45 we are here to like to find a guy for regular fun We are both very genuine and will not let you down nor will we waste your time . If you would like to meet before hand then lets arrange a few drinks down the local and see where we go from there?

Beth, Born 1965 from Derby

Bicurious, I love to explore my own body and want someone to share the experience.My perfect sexual partner will be turned on by erotic films and masturbate whilst we watch it together.My best attribute is my femininity – I`m voluptuous and curvy although I am often complemented about my eyes and smile too.Would love to hear from you. x

Tyler, Born 1981, From Woodville

Hello there its me Tyler New on here and try to make me happy I am down to earth fun loving and loves nature

I`m called Tyler and I live near to you in Derbyshire, UK – England. I`ve joined this site to find a muscular man that might turn out to be my perfect match. Ever since I was young I have always been affectionate – and I`ll probably never change. I`m normally classed as not at all bad and I suppose I would classify myself as attractive enough. At the weekends I try dedicate some of my time to socialising.

Arianna, Born 1982, From London

I am a very caring person who is looking for a good honest loving man.

I am just an honest person and love to just spend time with someone

special no matter what the situation. I am a good listener and try

to understand what the other one wants and needs are. I am very much

an optimist. I`m a good looking man that works hard. I`m a very nice

and compassionate person. I love to give attention to others and have

fun while doing it.

Jade, Born 1980, From Derby, Derbyshire

.jade comes from uk england derbyshire : alrightis these pictures of me totally suck ? just kidding… how do i even start to describe myse.ill make this short and sweet. im very driven and i work really hard for what i have. i am hoping to have a good job and carmy own home bcos i have all my degree with me i need to get my sea better job. i may not be the most gorgeous woman to you but my inside is just bursting with good things to share in a relationship. im confident enough to know what i de

Emma, Born 1982, From Derby

Ok so, i`v been told i`m funny (funny haha not funny strange) i`v been told i`m cute, i have no idea why, i was under the impression cute ment small but I`m 5`8 and thats not small.

I love films music and books i read a lot, (again so i`m told) my book case is double stacked and i`v got 3 shelves of a wardrobe full os 🙂

I love my dog she is my best friend she sleeps in a basket at the foot of my bed and she snores my ex swore the snoring was down to me but i wouldn`t believe a word he says coz he tells porkies.

I love food i use to love cooking but have decided take out is more fun, i think its because each bit is wrapped up individually just like presents and everyone likes presents 🙂

I love shopping i know i, know its such a girl thing to say. Sorry guys.

I really like bbq`s in the summer its a combination of my 2 fave things food and friends, well except for when my mum invites a new bf over and then its just weird! For those bbq`s i usually develop an interest in making sure the sausages are rotated every 30seconds for even cooking.

I grew up in derby and i love living hear.

I like the smell of marzipan the best, i don`t like the taste of ginger, i have a phobia of jelly and also feet. I`ve also been known to be rather random, which i think is a good quality keeps ppl on there toes 🙂