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Annmarie, Born 1983, From Wicklow

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Hiya:) Welcome to my page and if you wana know anything drop me a line:) Watcha! I`m Annmarie. I`d like you to know that I`m looking for someone in my area, which is Wicklow. At the end of the day I`m looking for a lad, so why not read a little more about me and […]


Sophie, Born 1980, From Wicklow

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WLTM a nice genuine guy , thats love sto laugh and can make me laugh Let me introduce myself – my name`s Sophie I live in Wicklow, UK – Ireland (ROI). I hope to find a great handsome hunk on this website in a very short space of time. If I had to describe myself […]


Gail, Born 1980, From Greystones, Wicklow

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When I Everyone that knows me considers me a really great mate. I`m there for them when they need me and can be a great listener as well as a great talker. Life itself has no limits… and I want it to take me to the edge of the world and will stop at nothing […]


Sharon, Born 1990, From Wicklow

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My friends think I`m as mad as a hatter – but what you see is ultimately what you get In my spare time I enjoy socialising in pubs and clubs. However, I equally enjoy quiet nights in with a few glasses of wine combined with good company. At the moment I`m not really sure what […]


Tracey, Born 1980, From Wicklow

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I have a passion for music and arts in all forms, and have a real infatuation for theatre, poetry recitals and exhibitions. I absolutely love travelling and will take any chance I can get to fly off to another destination. Whether it`s in a tent or a five star hotel, so long as I`m seeing […]


Lynda, Born 1982, From Greystones, Wicklow

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Up-front and honest, I always say what I think and consider honesty to be the best policy – even if the truth is likely to hurt. I like to surround myself with people who make me smile, laugh and think.   In the summer I enjoy lying on the beach and in the winter I […]


Holly, Born 1982, From Wicklow Town

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For me, animals are an essential part of life – and whether it`s a cat, dog, gerbil, bird or hamster, I always need to make sure I have at least one at home with me. Culture and art is an important part of my life and something which I take very seriously. My matching partner […]


Pauline, Born 1982, From Dublin, Wicklow

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I try to spend my weekends undertaking in activities: bowling, hiking, swimming or even sailing – I don`t really care what the activity is, as long as it`s with good friends or acquaintances. Given a choice, I would opt for home cooking rather than eating out in a restaurant. Life itself has no limits… and […]


Cub, Born 1986, From Wicklow, Wicklow

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hi boys, I’m feeling lonely will you come and cheer me up???. cub comes from Ireland (Southern), Wicklow : I’m tall,long brown hair with green eyes a fun person and I’m up for anything!! I’m great at different things and if you wanna know what I’m good at,get in contact with me


Leena, Born 1986, From Arklow, Wicklow

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Hello there. You can call me Leena I consider Wicklow, UK – Ireland (ROI) to be my home town. Right now, I really just want a sexy man that`s basically on a similar level to me. Those that know me best think I`m really quite shy and romantic, but you have to get to know […]