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Pria, Born 1985, From Harrow, Middlesex

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heya… am priya…. and am looking 4 the ONE!!!!. most of my m8s love the fact that i got a gud sense of humour and am always up 4 a giggle… they also love the fact that i am not hypocritcal or bitchy…. i’d prolly go shopping during the day… then go out 4 a meal […]


Ksenia, Born 1984, From London, Middlesex

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hi im Ksenia. iM LOOKING FOR A REAL MEN,WHO WILL BE ABLE TO HOLD IN HIS STRONG AND WARM ARMS A PRETTY GIRL GOING WARM DAY BY DAY WAITING FOR YOUksenia comes from uk england middlesex : im pretty russian lady looking for a strong handsome sexy men who will be able to hold me in […]