Casual sex relationships

Sex should be as casual as two or more people want it to be in this day and age, and if casual sex relationships are something that you do not agree with then you really shouldn’t read this article because it’s likely to offend you greatly. This article promotes casual sex relationships and champions the philosophy that sex is an act of pleasure and not necessarily love, and because of this there is no reason why it cannot be experienced by two people who do not have a lasting and loving relationship with each other.

Monogamy is simply morality.

It’s really time that people realize that monogamy is an unnatural act. There are very few species of creature on this planet that mate for life, and we are not one of them; I think I can name one species off the top of my head – the swan – and I believe this is because monogamy isn’t only rare, it’s also unnatural.

If we were to go back in time to understand casual sex relationships we’d have a much better idea of them. There is one simple fact that cannot be ignored no matter how much people care to, and that is the fact that these moralities such as monogamy (for that is what it is) haven’t always been around. Monogamy is something we have invented to serve our own purposes and to keep something exclusively for ourselves. The fact remains that if it wasn’t for casual sex relationships, we wouldn’t be here at all. If you want natural then you simply have to go back in time to when the human race could barely speak; it’s here that you will find the natural act of casual sex paving the future of our very existence.

Free love rules

Let’s get this straight from the start of this paragraph shall we? It wasn’t just the sixties when people were into free love, they’ve always been into it, and more than likely been doing it behind closed doors and in secret. We are a sexual species and we will get it when we can and with whom we can, the sixties merely put a label on it and pushed it into the media. The sixties did wonders for casual sex relationships however, and since then we’ve all been more open and honest about the way we feel about sex.

“Fuck Buddies”

The new thing of course (well it’s not so new now) is having a “fuck buddy”. It’s pretty easy to find local fuck buddies nowadays. This is pretty much a friend who you fuck. This takes all the complications out of sexual relationships completely and allows people to just fuck when they want to. Having a fuck buddy is a truly liberating experience if you can find one that agrees with the whole “monogamy is simply morality” philosophy; those who get hooked on you can be just as much trouble as having a monogamous relationship.